1. Brother Tom

From the recording Good Life

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Mark Elliott (2007 Mark Elliott Music, BMI)
Tom Dundee’s damn canoe still sits on the rack here at my house. He wanted to keep it in Tennessee because he kept drifting out into the shipping lanes of Lake Michigan on his moonlight cruises! He always said he would be by to pick up the old Ouachita
(wa-shitta as he called it). I never believed him because I knew he loved Nashville and that giant heap of aluminum was just one more reason to make a trip down. Tom was killed on his motorcycle in April 06. I got a message from him on my machine about thirty minutes before his wreck. He said, “Brother Mark (he called everyone brother or sister) if you don’t come visit me real soon, we’re only gonna’ be friends for five hundred more years.” Ok – you gave me the title, so this one’s for you “Brother Tom!”
– “and we’re only gonna’ be friends I fear, 500 more years”