The Sons of Starmount



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April  2019

* Audio Book  Coming June 2019





what are they saying?


"Elliott’s graceful prose is filled with the philosophical musings that come with the passage of four decades. And the joyful book is permeated with gentle humor that brings to life the exuberance of youth. Cheerful, more thoughtful than most reminiscences, and quite enjoyable."

- Kirkus Reviews. December 2018

 “Childhood memoirs and coming-of-age stories come and go, but ‘Sons of Starmount’ comes and stays. Elliott takes us back to the sweet smells of honeysuckle from his youth, and he doesn’t let us go until the last word has been written. Sons is a story about friendship, about growing up, about the poignancy and sometimes the pain of our youth. Elliott shares his story authentically and selflessly. His story doesn’t just belong to him. It belongs to all of us.” 

- Kristin Clark Taylor, award-winning author and journalist. December 2018

“Mark Elliott has transferred his brilliant writing of songs into a memoir that sings of the fun and adventures of childhood and the soulful lessons of life. This book will grab your heart, prompt your own childhood memories, and remind you that we are on one great ride called life.”

- Donna Paz Kaufman - Story & Song Neighborhood Bookstore Bistro
Fernandina Beach, Florida. December 2018